Flexo printing machines

Uteco offers a complete range of flexographic printing presses to the market. The range mainly consists of 3 press lines:

  1. Stack Type Flexographic Printing Presses either as reel to reel presses or for in-line installation into extrusion lines, bag/sack making machines or other converting machines.
  2. Central Impression Flexographic Printing Presses from 6 to 10 colors, incorporating direct drive gearless technology and use of sleeves for quick job changes.
  3. In-Line Flexographic Printing Presses composed of separate printing units with air or UV drying system, gearless technology and the use of sleeves for quick job changes.


Uteco's wide range of flexographic presses allows them to match their customers' requirements with the perfect press from their wide and extensive range of products.
Uteco offers its customers many innovations and several patented technologies.  These cutting edge innovations and patented technologies ensure that the quality of Uteco's printing meets or exceeds any available in today's marketplace.  Simultaneously, we also focus on developing and implementing new technologies aimed at increasing productivity and reducing waste.

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Since 1990 Uteco has produced rotogravure printing presses for applications including flexible packaging, printing on aluminum, security applications, wallpaper, PVC, wood, foil, labels and sleeves.

In 2003 Uteco introduced a new range of electric line-shaft rotogravure presses. Thanks to experience and technical knowledge developed in the field of gearless flexo presses these machines now offer significant technical developments such as direct drive on engraved cylinders shafts, Synchro Web® or Strechreg® for printing of thin and stretchable materials such as 25-30 µ polyethylene.

Uteco rotogravure presses can be equipped with appropriate winders best suited for film, paper, paperboard. These winders can be single or double position winders and can be supplied in either shafted or shaftless executions.

Electric, diathermic oil, steam or gas heating systems can be supplied for individual stations or for the entire press.

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The experience of Uteco engineers in design and special application technologies is applied in these kind of lines where a blend of engineering expertise and technological proven systems are merged together.

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Roto Offset



Uteco designed and manufactured a new roto-offset line.
The roto/offset press stands out for the high printing quality, reduced costs of the printing plates, waste reduction, high quality print, wide application range and easy use. It can process different printing materials, such as paper, paper board, flexible films and aluminum, thanks to its flexible and modular system. The advantages for such a customer, with the peculiar jobs they run, are the short make ready and changeovertime, the accuracy in the register print and the top quality results obtainable.

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