Silver SIL     


The roto off-set printing press SILVER SIL stands out for the high printing quality, reduced costs of printing plates, wastes reduction, high quality standard of the run, accurate color reproductibility, wide application range, easy use.

The SILVER SIL processes the most different printing materials such as paper, paper board, flexible films and aluminium.

The SILVER SIL convinces thanks to following advantages: easy operation, shaftless technology, productivity, fast make ready, flexible and modular unit system.


• Unwind/rewind duplex automatic
• Insetting
• Register control
• Die-cutter
• Sheeter
• Remote ink control
• Blanket washing system
• Web video system
• UV curing system
• Flexo unit
• Screen printing unit
• Rotogravure unit
• Hot foil stamping unit
• Laminating unit
• Delamination unit
• Corona treater
• Cooling unit on Uv curing
• Hot air dryer for water/solvent based

Thallo SIL

Sleeve Web Off-Set.
A variable sleeve roto/off-set press THALLO SIL is ideal for printing flexible packaging, BOPP, shrink sleeves, PET, folding carton and labels.

Complete integration with fl exo and gravure units.
• Variable repeat lenghts
• Easy change of the sleeves
• Printing quality at all speed ramps
• Short make-ready and change over times
• Absolute accuracy of register print
• Printing on fl exible fi lms
• Low printing plate costs
• User friendly and ergonomic for the operator