V-Press 300


The modular and essential design solutions studied for the V-PRESS and its manufacturing based in India guarantee competitive prices with optimum results in performance. This ELS rotogravure press can be considered an "Entry-Level" for those converters who are willing to enter the gravure printing market in an extremely competitive way with a limited investment in capital equipment. The V-PRESS can be supplied also in the "shaftless" version where the engraved cylinder is a "hollow" type one.


Main features:

  • Easy to use
  • ELS shaft with GL Uteco Technology
  • Job changes by means of interchangeable trolleys
  • Easy machine color touch screen supervisor


The Q-PRESS is Uteco's first rotogravure press designed for short runs and therefore incorporates quick change technology.

Introduced at Drupa 2004, it has had great successes in the flexible packaging market.

The primary feature of this printing press is that it does not use interchangeable rotogravure trolleys, but rotogravure cylinders that can accommodate engraved sleeves which can be quickly removed by operators during job changes.

The press can be equipped with print sleeve cylinders using direct drive servomotors with top mount print sleeves that allow the entire repeat range to be printed.

Two types of sleeve systems are available:

  • The Saueressig sleeve system using standard, aluminum, tapered and engravable sleeves using expandable shafts to lock the sleeve onto the mandrel,
  • A system using very thin engraved sleeves supplied by Rotoincisa. Sleeves are locked onto carriers using air.

The Q-PRESS is equipped with an on board washing system that allows individual color decks to be performed between print jobs.  A touch screen supervisory system is available on every printing unit.

The touch screen is the operator panel of the press and allows all necessary operations on the machine, such as:

  • Input of web tension and temperature
  • Sleeve change functions (pressure and engraved cylinder)
  • Control of drying hoods
  • Doctor blade positioning. Doctor blade position can be stored in job recipes and recalled when print jobs are repeated.
  • Selective washing system cycles can be matched to the ink on press.



The M- and H-Presses are Uteco's latest generation of electric shaft rotogravure presses. They are manufactured according to customer specifications.

These presses can offer varying drying capabilities ranging from single and double hoods up to 9 meters in length. Required coating and lamination technologies for both solvent or water as well as solventless can also be integrated. Additionally they can be equipped with specialized coating units for metallization / lamination and demetallization for security printing applications.

These machines are capable of reaching production speeds of 500-600 mpm.
Both the M-Press and H-Press use interchangeable trolleys for job changes or to use apply adhesives.


Main features:

  • Very sturdy main frame of the printing unit
  • Sturdy doctor blade unit with three positions adjustment (motorization available).
  • Electric shaft transmission
  • Single (3 - 4.5 m) and double drying hoods (6 - 9 m) 
  • Ventilation and single recirculation system on every printing unit (optional).


Main options

  • Due to the high level of specialization available on these presses it is impossible to list all available options.




The E-PRESS along with the Q-Press and M/H-Press belong to Uteco's new generation of electric line shaft presses. The E-Press is the classic rotogravure printing press equipped with interchangeable trolleys to perform job changes. Its conventional modular design solutions ensure an affordable price level. This press can be considered an entry level press for converters who want to enter the rotogravure market without a significant investment.


Main features:

  • simple job change trolleys
  • simple manually positioned doctor blade group
  • electric shaft transmission
  • single (1,6 - 2 m)  and double (3,2 - 4 m) drying hoods
  • Ventilation with general air recirculation system with individual supply fan and exhaust fans for the entire press (equipped with inverter and feed-back control).
  • SmartPack: This software suite increases rotogravure printing performance for short to medium runs via automatic software that runs, processes, supervises, and monitors the diagnostic of the entire production cycle.


Main options

  • Ventilation and single recirculation system on every printing unit (optional).
  • Washing system installed on each printing unit
  • Shaftless winders for reels of varying diameters
  • Logipack® roll and core handling system



NEXT 450


 Peak performance in gravure printing of flexible packaging for short and medium runs .
Next 450 was designed with the ambition to achieve the following objectives:
• Faster job change
• Reduced setup time through automated solutions
• Maximum efficiency drying system
• Simplify controls in a centralized location

Online-to press applications
NEXT 450 can be customized with different in-line technologies such as in-line lamination, application of cold/hot glue , PVDC coating, digital print heads, laser die cutting units, and EB groups.